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The book Quarantime Love was composed between March and July 2020, during the Covid-
19 pandemic. Its texts and poems are made out of real letters exchanged between two
people, one living in Canada, and the other in the UK. Sentences and words from the letters
were cut out and reassembled on the page. As the story progresses and the physical
meeting between the two people becomes closer, drawings give way to photographs and
saturated textures to bone-dry images. The book is both a long love letter and an archive of
the lived experience of the first months of the pandemic. By waiving together our voices,
merging and crossing them on paper, I sought to overcome geographical distances and
create a connection with the materiality of poetry. A body of work where we could touch.
Perhaps it is worth mentioning the question that prompted the book: “can our love be our
art?” We are still finding answers to that.


é doutorada em Estudos Comparatistas pela Universidade de Lisboa e pertence ao grupo de pesquisa Synaesthesia. A sua tese sobre dança como tradução intermedial foi reconhecida pelo Museu Nacional do Teatro e da Dança de Lisboa. A sua pesquisa tem vindo a ser publicada em várias revistas e editoras, incluindo na Routledge. Anteriormente, foi assistente de pesquisa na Universidade de Concordia e agora vive em Newcastle, trabalhando como coordenadora comunitária e investigadora independente.

Número #05
1. Um gesto onde se abriga a cinza: esboços para Rui Nunes
2. Do Donbass a Hiroshima: Paisagens Traumáticas, Paisagens de Monstros
3. Rebanho e multiplicação
4. Platitudes 3 (excerto)
5. Can u listen?
6. este cinema desdobrado em ossuário
8. Tapeçarias
9. “Não é permitida a saída de flores”
11. Incipit. Scree. Explicit.
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